Don't display RepeatingGroup until data is loaded EVERY TIME

I’ve seen half-solutions to this but not quite sure what the other half is.

My situation is that I have a RG of Products showing up every time the user views a Project. The user can hop in and out of Projects without loading the page, which is nice for the user, but when they do that the RG shows the list of Products from the last Project they viewed for a minute before displaying the new, correct list of Products.

I’ve tried using ListShifter as a source, with a condition on the RG to only show when ListShifter isn’t loading, but that only works the first time someone views a Project; the issue persists from then on. Apparently ListShifter’s “Loading” only applies the first time the data source is loaded, and if the data source is updated it doesn’t go back into “Loading”…?

How do I set up an RG to only display when all data is loaded, included not displaying when it’s loading a new set due to a change in data source (either formula or results)?

I’m sure someone out there has solved this - if you could help me that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

One way of doing this is keeping the RG’s data source blank and setting up conditions where you define the data sources.

I usually make sure all the conditions end with …and page is loaded (entire).
So the data source gets set only when a condition is met and not be default on page load.
You can add a …and ListShifter isn’t loading to these conditions as required as well to meet your needs.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the suggestion. I guess if I have to set up extra workflows to make this work then so be it, but I’d rather avoid the complexity.

Unfortunately, the main problem is that “ListShifter is Loading” isn’t working as expected; apparently the loading condition is only true the first time it loads data, and if the data set changes, that doesn’t trigger the Loading condition. This means that when a user views a list, leaves, and views a different list, the original list shows until the new list loads, which is confusing for the user.

Here’s the condition I have on the repeating group:

and here is the data source for ListShifter:

@keith is this how ListShifter is supposed to work - i.e., should the Loading state be triggered every time the “List to shift” data source changes, or is there another way to trigger that or otherwise detect that the list has changed?

Thanks both for your help.

Man it’s crazy that something so simple is so hard in Bubble. Or, impossible? I still don’t have a solution for this. Commenting again in case anyone is has figured one out.

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