Don't know how to update dataset w/ checkboxes

I was searching the forums and my Google search didn’t get me any results on this topic. I have 50+ columns for one of my datasets. The row consists of a “Player” and the columns consist of attributes such as “Forehand Good”, “Forehand Bad”, and “Forehand Total”. Users of the website go to a page and select whether they think the person has a good or bad forehand (I created a custom-made checkbox using icons), think of it like a voting website. When they click the “Submit” button, the database needs to update the player’s stats accordingly, but I am having an extremely difficult time making this happen. I am using a Repeating Group for users to check off the checkboxes, and I want to know how to directly correlate a checkbox to a certain column in the dataset (and then correlate the row with the person they typed in the Search Box), but because of the way data fields are organized (Alphabetically), it I don’t think I will be able to create another Repeating Group displaying the player’s current stats, and then associating the Repeating Group with the checkboxes to each row (in order, of course) to the 2nd Repeating Group. Also, I have some other columns such as Player Style and where they are from. So the data fields are really unorganized (in my eyes) because of the alphabetical organization of them.

Any help is appreciated!