Don't refresh header on page navigation

Hello, the header on my app is the same on every page, and it contains quite a few buttons and menus. Every time the user navigates from one page to another, the header rebuilds itself and the menus and buttons have to load back in. It would be nice if there could be a way to have the header or other floating groups remain static, so that they do not need to rebuild themselves every time a user navigates to a new page.

Is your header in a reusable element?

It is indeed, though a few buttons need to check the current user to fill in some fields / decide which buttons are visible, though these fields do not change for that user, their menu will always look the same to them.

Could you not rebuild the app as a one page app?

Could, but the app is currently several pages, like 25+ this would also make that individual page much slower as it would be significantly larger in my case.

In that case it’s simply not possible as requests have to be made on each resource referenced on page load, sorry :sleepy:

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It should be possible. Static files (which should rarely change) are cached by default by Cloudflare. I don’t think Bubble has configured it to behave so at this current time.