Don't show notification if app is open?

Curious how to implement a way to prevent notifications from being created when an app is open.

For context, I used BDK Native to get my app on mobile… but I’m open to database/Bubble native solutions as well if there’s nothing specifically BDK Native can do here @gaurav ?

Happy to provide more context as necessary.


A small workaround might be to only send the notifications if the User’s Modified date is < Current time - 5 minutes.

So if they’ve been active in the past 5 minutes it won’t send the notification.

Not perfect, but a thought.

That’s an interesting suggestion. I’ll need to test what sort of activity updates the users modified date.

I had assumed that the users modified date only change when fields of the user object were changed. Is that not the case?


just fyi, there AirDev has some nice “How to track users online status” guide.

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