Double Counting Impressions

My application has a Thing called land. Land appears in a repeating group when a user is searching for land. Land has a field called “impressions” it’s type is a number. Nested in the repeating group is the plugin “On Screen Detector”.

In the workflow (screenshots attached) I have the workflow "when onscreen detector enters screen, make changes to parent groups land–> impressions= parent groups land impressions +1.

It kind works, except it is counting in two’s: 2, 4, 6, 8 etc…

Any idea why?

Thank you!


Hi @brian5,

could you provide a screenshot of how you set up your RG & how it looks on preview?

I think this would help solving your issue.


Sure thing!

34%20PM 00%20PM

It could be something to do with the plugin itself. I don’t see anything in your workflow that would make it double count…


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