Double record created during submit process

Hi everybody,
Could you help me to solve the following problem?
“Create a new thing…” save in the table two records instead of one described in the workflow
Do somebody know how to solve such problem?

How are you triggering the workflow?

Just press “click” a submit button

Ok. Well there’s no much information to go on, so without any more details I can’t really offer any other suggestions. If you’re sure your workflow is setup correctly then check your server logs to see if you can work out what’s going on there.

If you want to share any screenshots of your workflows here then I’m sure someone can look over them to see if there’s any reason why you’re having the issue.

I’m sure Adam has you covered here, but just throwing this out there… what is the name of the SUBMIT INFO >>> button on the page? Is it btn_SEND-MESSAGE or is it Button submit? What does the Button submit is clicked workflow look like?

It is btn_SEND-MESSAGE. The second one is temporary item, was created for some tests.

Is it creating a dupe every time, or just sometimes? If the latter, does it happen when you test it, or when a user is using it?


If you aren’t using any sort of plugin that could be acting up and it’s just a straight up workflow that’s duping, I’d suggest filing a bug report.

But of course run the debugger to see if that shows what’s happening behind the scenes.

And also ensure that you don’t have another workflow for that button, so that when someone clicks it it’s actually kicking off two separate workflows.

Where is the ‘Button Submit’ now? And what does its workflow do?

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Submit Button is “SUBMIT INFO >>>”. Other button was created just for verifications and currently removed, since it is not related to the main workflow stream.

The answer you gave me seems like it might be the opposite of the answer you just gave to Adam. Could you share a screenshot of the workflow for Button submit is clicked?

Okay, so you deleted that other workflow… any chance the duplicate behavior magically went away?

If not, then consider posting a view-only link to your editor so we can poke around under the hood or like @ed727 suggested, you should probably submit a bug report.


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Thank you guys for your help. I’ve the problem found. The button type item does not work properly. It was removed and replaced with text type item. The same workflow was assigned to the text type item click event and everything now is perfect. Looks like bubble bug.

Glad you got it working, but not sure I understand what was the issue. Are you saying that when you initiated the workflow from a button element it duped, but when you initiated from a text element it didn’t dupe? I’ve never run into anything like this.

Are you able to recreate the bug? And if so, please file a bug report.

Yes, you understand it correctly. I’ll try to file a bug report.