Doubled cells - repeating group

Hi pals,

I have a repeating group contains another repeating group, How to prevent doubled cells ?

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What do you mean? A repeating group would only have as many cells as their are number of list items returned through its datasource.

Are you referring to duplicate entries?

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@boston85719 Thank you for responding.

No i am not planned to referring to duplicate entries, I am doing this because i want to solve other issue related with the repeating group, So when i added another repeating group to the first one, for sure it will duplicate entires, But how to avoid duplicating by adding condition to the group that contains the elements, i tried modulo, defining duplicating elements by adding some sort of set, But nothing help.

I just need to think on a way to stop the 1RG effecting on the inner RG that contain the data.

Usually when you set up nested repeating groups it is because you want to display a list of something that is a field on data type.

For example I have a data type of users and a data type of restaurants. My user data type has a related field of type restaurant that is a list that I label as ā€˜favorite restaurantsā€™

I would create one repeating group with data source of search for users and put into that repeating group another repeating group that would have a data type of restaurants with a datasource of ā€˜current cells users favorite restaurantsā€™.

How are you trying to set up your nested repeating groups? What are the data types, the datasources and overall what is the reason for this setup?

@boston85719 This is basic and understood, thanks

I am trying to avoid the white blanks the RG causes, and through the process to solve the issueā€¦ I found out how to delete this blanks, fast loading and arranged.

The last thing i need to make after setting up this way, is to avoid the duplicatingā€¦ when setting up two RG together it will duplicate, I just need to tell the group that duplicated to remove it self or to let the 1RG to stop effecting on the inner one.

You mean that for every cell in the first R.G. there should not be a nested R.G. and you only want the nested R.G. to be visible in certain cells of the first R.G.?

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Yes, That meanā€™s the problem is that i must input the same expressions to make this works, thatā€™s why the cells duplicatingā€¦ Is there any way to stop first RG on effecting the second inner one ?

I think you are in the way to get into my mind.

Put the nested repeating group into a group element inside of the first repeating group. Put a conditional on that group element to be visible when the current cells things list of things (the list that populates the nested repeating group) count is greater than or equal to 1 and put a conditional to make it not visible when that count is 0ā€¦make sure the group is set to collapse height when not visible.

@boston85719 I will give it a try, sounds interesting.
But i have first to solve all missed up white spaces that caused by the EXT. vertical RG, the white spaces everywhere that i didnā€™t expect to face it and unaware the problem after aggressive building.