Doubt Expression do a Search

I have 2 lists:

  • List one: users.
  • List two: emails.

I want to do a search for all emails that are not in Users data type.

But I’m not getting it. How should I do that do a search?

Do a search for [your email datatype]:each item's email :minus list Do a search for User:each item's email

thank you very much!!! I though on that but my question is, can it be negative? Or that would just be if I use “count”?

What I said would give you a list of emails addresses. No negative numbers unless you start doing :count on each search and subtracting the numbers

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What’s wrong?


I want to search for all candidates that hasn’t been registred (whose email is not in the users database)

both userss’ email and candidates email are a text field

I think I need something like this but I can’t figure it out


What I described gives you a list of texts (emails), not a list of Candidates which is why it doesn’t like it.
Try Do a search for Candidate with the constraint email isn't in Do a search for User:each item's email

I think this is similar to what @mikeloc posted here before he deleted it :smirk:

The post was marked as solved right before I posted my reply, so it didn’t seem like there was any reason to muddy the waters with another post.