Doubt - Painting a draw when click

Hi guys, how are you?

I´m trying to create a page on Bubble with the following action:
I created a list of US States
When clicking on a specific state, I want the image to be painted.


List of States

And in the side, a blank states map

When clicking in Arizona, the Arizone state on the image is painted in green

Is that possible?
How can I do it?


Hello. There was a similar question posted to this a few weeks ago. I believe you can achieve this by having each state in the US map individual images. Then you can set a condition that when dropdown A for example is Arizona, the image is colored. You would have to do that for each picture. Alternatively you can also put all images into a group and use a custom state to specify which state is selected. Hope that gives you some kind of idea. :+1:

I have thought about it…
But… the problem is:
When I select for example Arizona, the state is colored, thats fine…
But when I select Arizona and California together… I will need to have an image with both states colored… so another conditional…
In US there are 50 or 52 states (something like that)… so… i would need to have lots of images and condiitonals…
Because I could select some states, and the other time just a few… or in a moment, all of them…

Did get the problem?
Any other ideas?


@rafa.maciel Yes in my idea you will have 50 different images. Each one with its own condition. I can’t think of any other way of doing something like this. May seem tedious but I tested with 10 images and worked fine. Sorry best of luck

Not 50 images…
Because its a whole map… so… when click Arizona… Arizona is colored… (1 image), when clicking in Georgia, its another image… but when clicking in Arizona and Georgia together… it should colour both states… so… using your logic… another image…

if we think in 50 states… 1 image for each state + several other images with all the states selection (deselection)…

Using Arizona as example again:
1 image only Arizona
1 image Arizona + Georgia
1 image Arizona + California
1 image Arizona + Georgia + California
And so on…

Lots and lots of images

@rafa.maciel Sorry I don’t think I was clear enough. I have made a small demo exampling my idea. It uses the multi-dropdown input field. When the user selects different states, it changes the image to a different colored one. It would be hard/impossible in my opinion to have the user click the states images as they are all overlapping because bubble’s images are square. Hope this helps.