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Downgrade Responsive engine to legacy

Yeah once you get your head around column and row it is SUPER easy.

If you want things to be stacked vertically (think like a header, a title, a repeating group and then say a footer) you want a ‘column’ element. And then it will just automatically stack one of top of the other and you can drag and drop the order of it, even add or delete elements without having to realign stuff…LOVE IT!

If you want things to be horizontally next to each other (like say a row of a RG), you want a row group…this way things automatically go next to each other (instead of stack on top).

You can easily set a large container group padding or margin and then not have to worry about the ‘x’ value of all the little elements as they’ll automatically line themselves up.

You don’t really have to set the exact dimensions of an element, just decide if you want it to change based on the size of the content, an absolute fixed width, or if you want it to respond to page width and other elements dynamically (you may set just min or max widths also).

Easy peasy :slight_smile:

Start with converting small things like your header or footer to get your toes wet, then do your smaller RE and then once you’ve got a bit more confidence start building pages from scratch :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps for the advice. I will give it a try :grin:

It’s really simple if you invest the time to learn the core principles. Don’t despair - start with Bubble’s own responsive design core principles here: Responsive design | Bubble

Just takes an hour of your time. Lots to gain, little to lose. You won’t look back!

A bit concerned when I read that @digitalmnz001 is building apps for his customers. I can understand that an occasional Bubble user “refuses” to learn the new responsive engine. But if you make a living building apps for other people, you should’ve learnt that months ago!
You’ll get 2 main benefits: you’ll build much faster, and you won’t be giving your clients an outdated product.
It won’t take you more than 2 hours to learn the basics, and a few days building to master it.
I’d recommend you to start with this video: Bubble Responsive Design Crash Course - YouTube

And, if for any reason, you are really unable to learn it with the many resources that you have, or you are stuck with some specific feature, I’d recommend you to pay for a 1 or 2 hour mentoring session. You can find really good mentors here:


No. I really really hope @emmanuel and the team are NOT planning to force all of us to go to the new responsive engine. I genuinely DISLIKE it.

It’s the same CSS flexbox principle that was forced on us in Thunkable that made me leave to Bubble eventually (funny thing, is they then created a “drag and drop” as their own “new engine” in Thunkable. While Bubble did the opposite. Very funny). But the summary is not everyone is going to like the flexbox and its methods, and we are millions on the legacy with already running businesses. Makes no sense to force us all to rebuild for the new engine. Let’s just all co-exist in the same ecosystem like Thunkable now does.