Download and Upload Parts of Database With JSON

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Is there a technique to download a part of my database in JSON and then upload it again at a later date?

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I build a plugin for this for my app (still testing, and performer doesn’t look promising yet) :frowning:

Wow @funwtp, that sounds amazing! I’d love to take a look at it for you and help with any testing if you feel ready to release it into the wild at some stage. Is that using one or two of the toolkit plugins?

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Does anyone else have any ideas about the best way to download a part of the database in JSON and then upload it again at a later date?

Just tossing an idea around, but what’s your opinion on grabbing data from the Data API?

Sure, I’m open to that idea… as long as it can be made secure. I’ve not played around much with the data API so I’m not aware of how it is protected.

Apologies for taking time.

Could you describe what exactly you are looking for?

Preferable with an example?

What I have done is I specify fields that I want to be wrapped in a JSON object and the plugin returns me a JSON objects as a string.

I texted it on 50 records.

I kinda see a way to do the reverse, but you need to explain what you need and how much data it needs to handle?

Hi there @funwtp

Yes, I think I can do that quite clearly.

I have designed a multi-user system with about 40 different data types, each of which average around 15 fields. Every data type has a field called “Subscriber User” to identify it with the system user it belongs to.

So I’d like to be able to download and back up in JSON all the data of the 20 different data types belonging to a specific “Subscriber User”, and then be able to upload it again at a later date.

Wow, that is about 600 fields… so I guess something where I can just specify the data types and the Subscriber User and the plugin (?) goes away and creates JSON for all the data in all the Fields of all the Things of all the Data Types is what I ideally want…

And a single user could have 1-20 thousand Things (data records) in total.

That sounds quite a lot! :slight_smile:

How does that match up with what you are creating?

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