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Download as CSV action giving only ONE data type choice

My apps where this action is used are throwing errors. This action provides only ONE data type as an option:



Anybody else experiencing this?

Could you please look into this and comment @jess ?

Thank you!


Yes, I just noticed this started happening to me.

Ok thanks for the feedback @david17 … so maybe engineering is doing some work that affects this action.

Let’s trust that this should be corrected soon. :+1:t2:

Anybody else experiencing this?

yes, i have same problem and 3 users more

Yes, you’re not the only one! Our team is working on the fix and will update you all as soon as it’s live.


Thanks, @jess

Thank you @jess :grinning:

Thank you…

I’m experiencing this bug as well. Hope it gets fixed soon.

any news?

Hi, it’s been almost a day and the problem still persist. Let us know. Thanks

Hi guys, I just checked and on my side, the bug is fixed.

Hello, everyone,

Fix went live for this; please go ahead and test and let us know if it meets your expectations!

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