Download CSV Not Working on Safari or MS Edge/Internet Exploder

Hey all, the topic pretty much covers it. I have a download CSV feature that just isn’t working on Safari on Mac or IE/Edge on Windows. It works fine on Chrome and Firefox. If y’all could test it, I’d appreciate it.

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The link to the editor is here (app is currently set to view only):

Thanks! It’s a big deal that this works, so any help is appreciated.

Just tested with Chrome and Safari with the same results. It downloaded on Chrome but on Safari, a message saying ‘Are you sure you want to leave this page’ popped up when I clicked ‘Download’

Might be worth raising a bug, it isn’t that it is failing, it just looks like the page hangs…

Some sort of weird Javascript error in the console …

Thanks @NigelG and @fayewatson, while it sucks to hear, I’m glad I’m not going crazy. For now, I’ll push a fix to let the users know to use Chrome or Firefox and I’ll file a bug report to @emmanuel and team.


Any update on what the Bubble team said? Did this get fixed?