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Download Progress plugin: First item in repeating group causes CORS issue

We are currently using the Download Progress plugin to allow users to download files in our app. That part is working great. We made a repeating group and dynamically linked the download button to the download URL, this part is also working fine.

The issue we are having is the first file in the repeating group always has a CORS issue. It doesn’t matter if it’s a different file on each page, it’s always the same issue. If we shuffle the first item to the second item, the original first item now works while the original second item has a CORS issue. I can recreate this every time in Google Chrome, but it always works fine in Firefox. We are using the built in Bubble file manager, not our own S3 bucket.

I found the same issue here with no solutions found: Download not working

Anyone have any ideas on how we could address this?