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Hi, can i do a downloadable web application in bubble? like put a link in the browser and get redirected to download my app created with bubble
If it work, someone knows how can i do that
Thanks for your time

This topic might interest you: 10 min. to build a free iOS / Android native app with Bubble 🔶

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Hello @msalasg95

I haven’t tried it yet, but there is a way to compile your app with Xcode and make it accessible on your Bubble site with the appropriate link and install it on your phone. I’m not sure if Apple still allows it. We will have to look a little. Otherwise the other alternative is to go through the traditional method with :arrow_right: Jasonelle :arrow_left:, compile in Xcode and then send the application to Apple Store (same process with Google Play Store). Welcome to Bubble. :partying_face:

Look here too Application stores list

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