Downloaded database Non English-Latin letters are not readable

Hi there :slightly_smiling_face:
When i downloaded a database then it was sent to later my email.
some fields which contain names , address etc. in Arabic language are
not readable.

I am not sure how others can correlate for that. but is there any solution for it?

Are the characters not there or the application you use to read it isn’t properly configured with that charset?

The application reads other files. I have tried from several devices mobiles and laptop… i can write and read in arabic as well. ! I have tried almost all CVS plugins…that is there trying to see if direct download from bubble was only the issue. But i feel like what bubble export isn’t compatible with arabic. I don’t know.


That definitely seems to be a charset and/or font availability issue.
Can you copy paste that somewhere else that would render fine?

I have tried to copy paste it in word … and here where i am writing now.
I have downloaded the same font as the one i used on my app from i am using cairo 600.
i can see the font in my app with no issues the only problem when i download the data it comes out like that. i can write and read in Excel/ word/ power point all MS office in Arabic with no issues.

Where do you visualize the data when you download it? Just trying to eliminate options here.

It downloaded as CSV.
I open it in MS excel
I have used your plugin PDF Conjurer. And visualize it in pdf as well The Arabic doesn’t come up correctly.

Yeah PDF Conjurer only supports the Roboto font currently, so no support for some languages there right now.

In MS Excel did it displayed fine?

It is great plugin though it solved my problem i can print from my Mobile easy…

In Excel no. I have submitted the issue to bubble. If they confirm everything is ok from there side i will see.

It’s likely their export feature isn’t configured to support the necessary fonts and/or charsets for it to work properly with some languages, then. Let’s see what they say.