Dozens of 404 Errors

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Hey guys,

We’ve seen a couple of these reports now from users. We are not yet sure what is causing / caused it. The links don’t look like Bubble internals to me – a lot of them sound like references to technologies that Bubble doesn’t use. We haven’t been able to find those specific URLs on a user’s site yet. If anyone can find something on their site where those URLs are visible, please let me know, so that we can get to the bottom of this in case it is related to something on the Bubble end. (It’s also possible it’s a result of a bug on Google’s end, or some external website or process that’s been generating bogus links).

That said, I wouldn’t be too concerned about this. Websites are supposed to report 404s for urls that do not exist: Google reports them as errors mainly for your benefit, to help you make sure you don’t have dead links. I would not expect this to hurt your SEO.


I got the same message and list of URLs with errors.
The first one is [my site]/user/m
When I went to the three different pages that link to this non-existent page, selected “view page source”, and searched for “user/m” I found 1 result at the end of the html for every page.

I tried searching for several more strings from the top of the 404 list bud didn’t find them.

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