Drag and Drop Calculations

Hey all!

Any help on this scenario would be great - screen cap below!
Drag Drop Calc


  1. Drop Area Capacity:
    Group of repeating drop areas - each with their own capacity. I.e. each area can only hold 300 units.

  2. Draggable Groups:
    Each draggable group has a (x) amount of units that will take up capacity on each drop area.

  3. Scenario Outcome:
    When I drag groups into a drop area, I would like to save the Drop Areas current capacity. If capacity is reached - users will not be able to drag or add new cards to the area.

Current Situation:
Currently able to set a capacity for each drop area and able to calculate the current amount of units based on the amount of draggable group units whenever a draggable group is dropped.

I.e. Drop Area 1 has 300 Units available - drag two cards (each 100 units) into Line 1 and it updates to having only 100 Units available

Current Problem:
When a draggable group is removed from one area to another - I do not know how to update the capacity of the area that has a group removed i.e. Draggable Group is moved from Area 2 to Area 1 - Area 1’s capacity updates successfully, but Area 2 does not readjust its capacity to account for the draggable group removed!


  1. Calc. Current Capacity : Calculation every time a drop area has something dropped on it:
    This Drop Areas Current Capacity - [Do a search for Draggable Cards Total Units (Condition: if draggable cards area = Drop Areas name): Sum].

  2. Workflow: When Drop Area has group dropped on it update draggable groups area to the area of the Drop Area

  3. Input: Upper right hand input is dynamically using calculation in (1).

  4. Input: Bottom input is calculating the saved capacity to stop users from creating or dragging new cards into a drop area.

Any help??

Hey there, thanks for posting! Just to confirm, are you using the Draggable Elements Bubble-built plugin? It also appears that the screenshots aren’t accessible, would you be able to send them another way? Thanks!

Apologies for the delay in response!

Yes - using the Draggable Elements Bubble-Built plug-in!

Screen shots available below :smile:

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