Drag and drop from repeating group to table?

Hi guys, any ideas on the best way to drag and drop items from the Item Cart to the table on the right? I need the data to match the corresponding headers on the table upon dropping it to the table.

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Hi there, I would recommend checking out @NoCodeDataArtisan plugin Drag It:

There’s a lot of configuration possible and plenty of examples on the demo page to hopefully point you in the right direction- good luck!


Hey @msgiblin
Thank you for suggesting Drag It :star_struck:

Hello @kindlevega12

To be honest, Drag It can be used in both elements, but I don’t know if it works well with your use case.

We have an open access application that you can test it yourself in the app, and if you have any questions, we are here to help.

Artisan-plugnplay | Bubble Editor


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Hi @NoCodeDataArtisan

Is it possible for items on my Item Cart repeating group (on the left part of the screenshot) to change format once it gets dragged to the table (on the right part of the screenshot) ?

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I didn’t implement this structure before. I think it could work but not in a smooth way that you think.

When you move the item from left to right, it won’t update its style immediately but there will be just a flash to get updated.

You can try the plugin on the editor I sent and implement a simple version of your use case.

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will do. Thanks!!

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