Drag and drop list - 2 groups

I have constructed drag and drop lists that show data properly but…
I want to have a functionality that when I move one element from one of the groups, it will go to another group and so on. Also if I will not drop it anywhere it should come back to the main group where it was.

I have database of sports and people who practice them.
Main key is sport, parameter is a person who practices them - but the person has to be unique.

I have 2 groups where I do search for elements depending on a person, and those elements are displayed on drag and drop group elements.

I would like to know how:

  1. I can make the group move from one to another - also chaning things.
  2. How can I make the groups refresh the data (or maybe it will work once I solve nr 1 problem).
  3. Make it so if I don’t drop the element directly to another group it gets back there.

Group description:

Workflow that doesnt work:

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Made it work when changed the people value to become an option, but I cannot believe this is the only “option”.

@michal.friedrich take a look here:

One of the best Drag n Drop plugins:


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