Drag and drop sortable input form - Help

For my app to be fully functional I would like to have an input form like the one below, but I´m having some difficulty on how to pull it off with Bubble.
The idea was for the processes inside a group and process sub-groups to be orderable by drag and drop using ‘Draggable Elements’ plugin and save the process groups by the order designated. The processes could be created on the fly on the form and saved to the library, or if they exist in the process library they would show up when the user starts typing the process name on field. The rows (process, separator, sub-groups) would be added dynamically with the buttons below the form.


I found a post that might be usefull, but it’s use is to display data. As a Bubble newbie I still can’t figure out how to use it to input data and create the group / sub group structure dinamicaly.
I´ll be posting updates when/if I make progress.
Any insights will be appreciated.