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Drag Drop Group - Repeating Group to Repeating Group


I’m struggling with getting Drag & Drop Group to work with Repeating groups.
I’ve looked in the other threads but can’t seem to find and answer.

I’m trying to Drag one thing from a repeating group, to another repeating group. When I do this the data doesnt seem to follow with it.

From what I can see, the workflow only makes changes to the current workflows thing, and not the drop groups thing.

I’ve tried custom states etc, but still nothing.

Does anyone have any experience with this?


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Any chance you can share some screen shots of your workflows? Its a little hard to discern what might be wrong without seeing your setup.

I got the same problem. It wont let me define the drag groups data.
I can only access the drop areas data

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I just solved this after hours of stabbing in the dark, hopefully this helps everyone that has been lost by this. Here is the example workflow to transfer a thing (in this case equipment) from one list to the next.

Background: I have a RG of pickable equipment with a draggable group in each cell of type equipment, the ‘DropArea Equipment’ is of type equipment as well, this has an empty data source. I have a page ‘dev’ with a custom state ‘temp equip’. The workflow uses an identifier I’d never seen before “current workflow [thing]” that’s the secret to making this flow work. You have to set the workflow to reference the item in the DropArea action using that call.


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Seems like I’m doing the same thing…but i can’t understand your solution. do you recommend looking into custom states?