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Drag & Drop HTML Email Builder Plugin

I’ll be adding it by next Friday.

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sweet! that’s fantastic. If you could reply back here when done, that’d be amazing. thanks again, I’m very excited.

Added Merge tags, CleanPaste, Custom JS initialization


fantastic! i’ll check it out.

Great plugin… how do we load in the custom tools and custom blocks?

A quick pointer would be great.

Thanks in advance.

We implemented a custom initiation action (all multi element features already handled)

Just setup the initiation call that you’d like inside the action.

Additionally custom code files for custom tools that you create can be hosted inside your apps storage under settings.

Blocks can be handled directly in initiation code.


Yep… I’m not getting any of that. I’m probably being a bit slow on the uptake here.

So here are the Unlayer examples:

From what I understand in the initial action “Initialize Custom Code HTMLDrag&DropBuilder A” I should be able to add the following to show the custom tool:

id: ‘editor-container’,
displayMode: ‘email’,
customJS: [’,

But I get this error:

I noticed in the plugin documentation that the ; is not included so I removed that and got this error:

Now I’ve taken that directly from their documentation and your can see that the custom.js is hosted here:

So it’s not clear what the issue is here.

I have no idea what this is in reference to. I understand that we need to host the custom.js but this can be hosted anywhere cant it? Including bubble if we so choose… is this not the case?

Do you have an example at all please?

Thanks for your patience!

Your initialization code I correct however you’re using their example which may not load.

Do you have files for a custom tool? What tool are you trying to add?

Send me a message and I can help you directly.

Hi Chris, am about to start building my first bubble app which will need this plug-in (I used to code Cobol in the 1980’s) so I am keen to get off on the right foot, and fast… are you available for paid tutoring? I hope I am allowed to ask this in the forum - am new to forums like this

Hi Chris - first off thanks so much for this excellent plugin - huge addition to the community.

As an FYI (and selfish question) do you know why the “Send Email” button in “” is erroring out? Any ideas?

For context, I’m getting the same error using a workflow in my own app that uses your plugin and the BDK email plugin (similar to your own). If useful happy to help debug/collaborate on the issue!

Thanks so much!

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Hey brotha,
Can you post the error below? As long as you send the HTML from the builder it should work.


Absolutely, screenshot on the HTML Drag & Drop demo below:

Mine is the exact same error message w/ the same workflow (click button Action -> export HTML -> send via Email (BDK) )

Let me know what ya think

I’ll send you a DM to get this handled.

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Circling back for the group - if anyone is on the fence about using this @chris.williamson1996 has been amazing to work with and a huge help getting my app to production… totally worth every penny!


Hi Chris, I love this plugin. I’m running into the same problem as danimal4580. I’m sure it’s user error on my part. I tried Sendgrid, Post Mark. Can you share the solution that worked for Danimal?

Everything works fine with postmark, it seems to be a sendgrid issue, I even made my own sendgrid plugin that throws errors when sending HTML both from builder and basic hello world html for some odd reason.

Chris, does this look correct? I am initializing the builder on page load with the template I want. I have a button that when clicked uses the export HTML functional and then sends via postmark, but I’m getting an error that the HTML is empty. I’ve tried pasting in the HTML into postmark and it worked, so I must be doing something wrong in exporting the HTML and populating the email. I’m also using the free unlayered account at the moment, not sure if that matters.

Are you available for a zoom call? Send me a DM. We currently use the plugin in multiple live apps so I’m sure it’s an easy fix on your side.

Solved with Bryan on zoom. To everyone else, don’t forget to give the export a second or two to actually export, if you send the email immediately after clicking export button the export will be empty as the email attempts to send.

Best way of doing this is to do a conditional for “when html builder html export is not empty”

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I’ve been using this plugin to make email templates and it is a nice tool. I’m able to export the html, but later when I go to send an email using the html in the body, the email doesn’t send. I’m using the Postmark API directly with API Builder. In the POST call to send an email there is a field for htmlBody. I’m just putting the exported html from the builder into the Postmark API call and it throws an error when trying to send. When I remove the html and just do a textbody it sends fine. The issue seems to be with the html. Has anyone seen this or have an idea on how to solve that? Thanks!