Drag & Drop: Map Markers -> Repeating Group II


I have the below screen which is to be the mechanism by which freight is allocated to a manifest/truck.

The left panel allows the allocator to select the lane they wish to allocate which in turn then displays all same lane jobs in the repeating group (vertical scroll) below. The right side of the screen is again a repeating group (horizontally scrolling) displaying all available open manifests (currently showing 2 of 10).

This allows the allocator to simply drag & drop jobs to trucks, between trucks, between days, etc. as well as horizontally scrolling through all available trucks waiting to load. To unallocate a job they drag the job back to the pool of available jobs on the left.

I am wondering which map plugin/s allow me to perform the most functions among the following:

  1. To have a map displaying all available jobs that could be then allocated by dragging the map marker onto the respective trucks/days?
  2. Allows me to display the number of inbound & outbound freight at each certain location, preferably with different coloured numbers (eg. red=outbound, green=inbound) in addition to the map marker?
  3. Allows for routes to be mapped with weighted thicknesses between locations indicating freight volumes?
  4. Allows me to pair the pick-up & deliveries by way of a visual aid such as identical icons, identical coloured icons, etc.?
  5. Allows for the construction of routes (i.e. the order in which pick-ups/deliveries are to be performed) on the map by reordering the repeating group for each day/week. Assuming this would require splitting the pick-up & delivery for each job (I can’t see any other way to do it).

I’d be grateful to hear from anyone that has experience with this type of approach to representing freight volumes/flows graphically or knows a workaround for any of the above, especially the drag & drop map marker query.

Thank you…