Drag&Drop on mobile

Is there a way to “long press to drag”, so that the element is not dragged instantly and so that user can scroll page without dragging unwanted elements?

the way i solved this was with a button/checkbox that needs to be clicked to allow dragging.
alternatively to only have an element far on the left of the screen, such as the list number of a todolist with the dragging and dropping functionality, instead of the whole row/cell.

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I’ve thought about this feature, but I need more user-friendly solution. I need to somehow enable “press and hold to drag”.

That also helps somehow, but I am confident that users will interfere with their scrolling by hooking unwanted draggable icons.

I would appreciate if you can give any guesses on how to achieve “press and hold X seconds to drag”.

going to be very difficult. I suggest you learn coding (your own plugins.) :wink:

I guess you could experiment with disabling the drag and dropping behaviour and using the timer plugin to enable it only after something has been done for x seconds. but not sure if it will work.

Actually, there is a plugin by EzCode that has this feature, but their plugin cannot move items between RGs.

Extremely helpful! Thanks!

@vovahumnytskiy - this functionality will be in next updates, thanks for the idea and be patient because it will take a little time to implement , as we already mentioned it will be in about next 1-2 weeks

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@eazycode is there any update on the new functionality?


We managed to do it in test version but it is a bit laggy and unstable and we decided not to publish it.
However we are still work on it from time to time.

Has anyone been able to figure out how to implement “long press and drag”?

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Has anyone managed to implement long press and drag yet?