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Drag - Drop Reorder Your Repeating Group

Hi Tom,

Can you share link of the editor view? I can try to take a look this weekend if it is not too late for you. I really appreciate you taking a look. Of course, whenever is convenient for you works for me. Here is the link to the editor view: Editor View.

I’m not very sophisticated with Bubble. So your help is appreciated, and hopefully the problem will be something simple. I’m having this issue on several pages beyond just the page labelled Mood–for example the page labelled Idea Box and the page labelled Themes. I enter the data, but it doesn’t show up below on the page in a repeating list at all. Basically anywhere that I implemented the drag and drop reorder functionality I can’t see any of the data displayed in a list anymore. This is a clone of the real app. So don’t worry about breaking anything.

The username and password for this clone app are [email protected] and 88888888Pw respectively.


Took a quick look. Your repeating group for Mood didn’t show up because a filter you applied to search for Moods: Category.

The first filter basically filters out everything Mood, no Mood found.
Screenshot 2020-09-13 at 8.32.32 AM

That’s because there are no category value in Mood

Simply remove that first filter or refine your filter, you will see it.

Use Inspector tool in debugging to check for other pages, might or might not be the same issue

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Someone created an even better reordering plugin. This is way more intuitive.

3 Likes Thanks very much for your help. I can now see all my lists, and I can reorder all of them except for the page called Themes. I will try to figure out that problem myself and only circle back if I am flummoxed. If need be, I will rebuild that page from scratch.

I appreciate your help. I use this app daily in my own life and needed that functionality restored. You helped me a lot.


Tom I will check this out as well. Thanks.

you are welcome!

1 Like Thank you so much for your solution from February! It works perfectly and helps me a lot with my app.
May I ask if you think whether it’s possible to delete records from the draggable RG in your example?

I am trying to add the functionality of adding/deleting records from the group inside the app (like a todo list but with the list-order). The adding part seems to work. I am using input forms and a “create new thing” (type: Task; list-order = Search for Tasks list-order:count + 1) workflow.
Having trouble deleting a record and can’t figure out the correct worklow for the “delete-button”. The list-order gets broken every time.

Hi @albert.drogunov, did you try this?

  • If you have total 10 tasks
  • you delete task 6 (list order 6)
  • then make changes that repeating group tasks (tasks 7,8,9,10) by filter out: list_order > 6 ( current work cell’s list_order), make the change list_order - 1
  • finally delete that task 6 (current work cell)
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Thank you for taking the time to look at my problem! Just implemented your solution. It works perfectly! Heres the workflow just to summarize:

create delete button, edit workflow for delete button:

  • delete thing
  • step 1: select parent group’s thing (in this case task)
  • step 2: make changes to a list of things (list of tasks)
  • list to change: Repeating Groups Task’s list of tasks:filtered
  • filter: list-order > 6
  • change another field: list-order = this task’s list-order - 1

Works great, thanks for the explination.

Any Ideas on how I might use a ‘List-Order’ that is in State?
So, not to edit the Things, but reorder them client side and them save that order elsewhere.

Perhaps if I we’re to use the Things list order but copy to a list State and edit that?

Very nice, Thanks for sharing!

Hello. Thanks for sharing your work.

In step 6, what were the options you used to set up the Custome State for the workflow? Also, where did you set up the custom state? Was it added to the repeating group?

To anyone who got problem when you have create and delete item features.
I got a workaround.

Problem : So, whenever you create an item it should be numbered like the comments above. It was like ThisItemParent:count:+1. But when you deleted it (when it had more than 3 items), it will create a mess.

Solution :


Basically, CurrentThings’s Item’s Order’s :max: (return highest number) + 1 . The number will still be a mess, but whenever you create a new Item it will always ordered as 1 higher than last Item.

Now you can check those descending feat. Cheers

Hi, I’m running into the same issue - where the order keeps messing up - especially if I delete things.

I created a short loom video explaining my issue:

And here is a link to my project:

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you!

Hey any idea why my order gets stuck at 5? Thank you for your help.

THIS! Does the trick. I am really happy with the result. Only thing that makes sense and actually works. THANK YOU!