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↪ Drag & Drop to Reorder RG - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Meanwhile I have a question:

Is it possible to remember in the database the new order of the table and use it in another RG that is not connected to the DragableRG element? I just want to use DragableRG for my “Editor” feature, it’s okay if editor works with the RG that is connected to the DragableRG. However, I want to make sure the end visitor won’t see issues and for that purpose I want to show him/her the clean RG, not connected to DragableRG. Maybe it’s possible to somehow mark items in the database with simple numbers and then just sort the clean RG by that column?

Just wondering if there is an answer to this. What settings are required to have the reordered list remember its new order. It seems pointless reordering if as soon as you refresh the page it defaults back to original order. Am I missing something Thanks in advance

@ZeroqodeSupport I am interested too. That is #1 feature for me.
Thanks for the answer in advance.

Hey there
I discovered on further reading that there a settings you can put in place to achieve this. You can see it in action on zeroqodes demo page
Its the last example “Sorting Mode” However the instructions are not very clear and the workflow setup on their example is messy, so I am having a little trouble deciphering it. Its a shame. I would expect any plugin you pay good money for would come with instructions to assist its core users ie Non-coders.

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I wish there was a possibility to save RG order not with this strange string (like -33.29), but by setting number to each item in the table, so that later on it is possible to sort that RG without applying the plugin.