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Drag & Drop with Repeating Groups (DataRefresh)

Hey All!

I was hoping for some help. I created a sample application that only shows the issue I am having.

I am using the drag and drop elements, and repeating groups. I have a repeating group of items that are not associated with anything, and when you drag them to the drop zone it associated them with whatever account the drop zone is associated with.

The problem is, that when this association happens it correctly pulls the item off the list (repeating group) of stuff that can be dragged, but the list now contains slots with no data showing. You have to refresh the page to get it to show up correct.

Does anyone know a way to fix this?


Had a quick look. This is happening because of the constraint on the repeating group.

Once you drag an item onto the drop area, you are updating the expense item with accountassignment.

In order to calapse that specific cell. Group the text item & drag&drop group and add a conditional statement: when current cell is empty = not visible.

Hope that works!

Gave that a quick try, but no such luck. It doesn’t appear that its truly an empty cell, but that when it rearranges the remaining items, it stops displaying the data for one of the cells. For example if you have 4 items and remove one, you are left with 3 cells but only data displaying in 2 of them. If you remove one of the 2 with data, you are left with 2 cells, but neither display data.

For what its worth, here is how I attempted what you suggested, so its possible I didn’t do it right?

I am hoping there are some other ideas out there! I have tried stuff like forcing the repeating group to re-display itself (things like in the workflow for the drag drop re-sending the remaining data to the repeating group), but nothing yet besides refreshing the full page!

Further information… using the inspector in the debugger it appears that the cells where the data is missing, the entire drag/drop group has gone missing!

Solved… there is a setting in the drop group where you can either set to “move back” or “hide”. Hide would remove that cells element!

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Thanks for updating! That saved me quite some time :slight_smile: