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Draw two columns from the database

In my application, I have two columns in the database.
image In the bubble, I have a text field in which the value from the first column appears. I would like to see the second value also appear at the same time, from the second column, which is assigned to the first column. So, for example, if “cat” is drawn, then “kot” will appear automatically, but I have no idea how to connect so that the corresponding value from the second column is displayed to the first column selected randomly. I would be grateful for an explanation.

Maybe you can share what you have set actually?

I have only this

I use Airtable for data.

Do you need to display a list? If yes, you need to use a Repeating group.
If not, you should set the text element into a group, set the group to the type of the Airtable DB and set the Airtable in the source. In the text field, you will use Parennt group items’s field name you want to display

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Thank you, it works, but I have another request.
At the moment my application looks like this:

  1. Combine the values ​​from the first and second columns
  2. I would like a random value from 1 item to be displayed here, but only from the first column
  3. The user enters the translation of the word here
  4. After clicking, it is checked whether what the user entered is consistent with what is assigned to this column in field 1