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Draw under image

I need help, if anyone knows…

how would u do this in my app?


You can use a drawing and painting canvas plugin with the image preloaded.


My signature plugin would allow for this for sure.

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I didn’t think about it!!
Thank you !!!
will help me a lot!

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Be sure to save your image as a base64 string as an image in an option set instead of pasting the string directly to the element.

Set your dimensions accordingly

Can you explain this more?

And would you recommend this only for drawing and painting canvases or any plugin element that uses an image from your DB?

I was getting weird Cors issues when just using a photo from the s3 servers.

When you turn an image into a base64 string, it may end up being long as shit. So, when you copy this string directly into the element photo field you may experience weird issues. I think that’s why I did that.

If it got sponsored I’d update it to use node or the browser to do this transformation automatically instead of requiring you to enter the string


When you save the string to an option set, you can work with the option set very easily and it didn’t produce the same weirdness in the editor i was seeing when pasting in the base64 string.

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