Drawing or using shapes that can change its colors?

Any idea how can I replicate this to my bubble app?

Each tooth is clickable and changes color depending on the state. Also each portion in the circle is clickable and can also change color. (The one with round center and 4 sides around it.)

Can I achieve that using icons or should I use SVG? Thank you.

Usually when ever i want to draw i use PowerPoint. There is feature called edit shape. Then each shape i right click on it and save it as picture. Or put the whole picture you have here and put shape elements from bubble invisible and color them based on conditions

Note that you have to send it to back. And shapes has to be on top of teeth picture

Most simple idea would be to design all of them inside Photoshop or Illustrator and display those images with animation in Bubble. That said, if you want to store health data then Bubble is not the right platform for you.

Bubble is gdpr compliant right? Also, in my country I think it’s good I think.

You might be sued from external countries. Even if the law doesn’t apply to your country directly. I would advice some research before you invest time.

I can see many apps in my country using the same. Will research into that. Thank you

Make sure to check private file in images or files uploader. So they are not accessible by anyone outside your app. This only exposed item.

Meaning to check the private file and attach to a thing?

I have a question though. Uploading image then attaching to a thing will automatically attach that to the thing right? If I delete the thing attached to the photo, will the photo be automatically deleted to my data storage?

Here is a workaround:

  • Have 2 images of the teeth. One as it not being hovered/clicked and the Second as it being colored.
  • Then set the conditions that if the Image 1 is hovered or clicked then hide image 1 and show Image 2

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