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Drop down days on bubble

Hello people, I have an issue, I want a situation where once an option is clicked on this dropdown the number of days beside the location appears on another box, how do i achieve this.

Hi there, @hopkinsnoni… you can do what you described by using an option set to define the locations, and you would have an attribute on the option set to define each location’s days. Then, when a location is selected from the dropdown, show the location’s days (i.e., the option’s associated attribute) in the other box, and you’re good to go.

Hope this helps.


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@mikeloc Thank you so much for this reply, the problem is that i really dont know how to use the option set.

That is a problem that is easily solved because there is a ton of content in the forum and elsewhere about option sets. You’ve got to dig and learn, friend.

To get you started (and maybe even finished), you can create an option set that looks like this.

As you create each option in the set, click on the Modify attributes link beside each option, and define the days associated with the option.

Add a dropdown to the page to show the options from the option set.

Finally, have text element that shows the selected option’s days.



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@mikeloc thanks a million, solved.

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