Drop Down Filter Getting Stuck

I am somewhat new bubble and I keep running into an issue with my filters. I am trying to use multiple filters, the first being a search bar the second a drop down. The issue I’m running into currently is that the second filter only works once. Once I try to change the filter after the initial search it just pulls up no results. I tried using a using a slider, but it gave me the same result…it worked once and then wouldn’t reset.


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Hey Austin! Can you share a link to your Bubble app, make sure we’re able to view (Settings > General > Editor Access Permissions > Everyone can view)?

Just updated the post

I can see there are results that are returned from all of the options in the first dropdown, but when I change the value, no results are returned, just like you described!

It’s hard to troubleshoot any further without seeing behind the scenes. Can you share your app-editor link (not the live preview)?

I updated the link again

Hey, I like the approach you’ve taken! It mimics how I use daisy-chain searching, but there’s one small issue with it.

In your custom event, the second action performs a search, but then the third step doesn’t take into account the results from the previous step, so you’ll lose any filtering that happens step-by-step.

I created a quick demo you can check out, it’s a similar concept, just takes each action you have and breaks it out into its own custom event: Sanscodedemo | Bubble Editor

The idea behind this is each custom event filters your RG, and every step after takes whatever remaining results are left from the previous event and filters them further.


Thanks John that was really helpful, we were able to get that fixed and working. While working through your demo we had an idea that we were wondering if you could help with. Currently the app pulls directly from the database but we wanted to switch that to having a custom state load the database on the page before hand.

Here’s the working version: Impact-shop-landing-page | Bubble Editor

Here’s the test version with custom state: Impact-shop-landing-page | Bubble Editor

Hey Austin. I see where you’re going with the custom state idea, but from my experience, you should rely on custom states for smaller lists of items.

I’m sure it could work if you know you’ll be dealing with a small list of items (under 100), but anything beyond that you should stick with the previous approach.

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