Drop-down help needed

I want to create a dropdown which will be used while booking a travel package.
So when I user clicks on dropdown to select the city say there are two cities London and Paris if the user clicks on London drop down then second dropdown will appear where all the packages for London will be shown and when the user clicks on Paris then the drop-down will appear with all the packages of Paris, is it possible?
Using options set or other

Hi there, @siddharth… what you are describing is definitely possible. I created an example using an option set for the cities and a custom data type for the packages. The custom data type includes a city field with its field type set to the City option set.

With that setup in place, it’s as simple as putting a constraint on the package dropdown’s search that looks like this…

With Ignore empty constraints checked, the package dropdown will show all of the packages when a city has not been selected from the city dropdown, and when a city is selected, the package dropdown will only show packages that have the selected city in their city field.

Hope this helps.


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Wow thanks for your time and creating a example for me😊 it’s much appreciated !!
It solves the problem in minutes

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