Drop down not accepting selected value

I have a drop down at the top of the page, to filter which passport’s information to display on the page. The first passport of the user is set as the default value of the drop down through the parent.

First of all, it’s loading the page and does not show the current passport in the drop down.

When changing the value of the drop down it’s acting weird: it’s not accepting the chosen option and reverts to the fault one. However when changing the value repeatedly, it will then accept the value and eventually change it. In fact, using the debugger, the first time I’m going to choose an item, it will trigger showing the same item as the current one, which is weird because it’s supposed to trigger only if it’s different. When choosing the same item a second time, and then the flow triggers with the new data.

I tried removing the default value to compare behavior and it’s also acting weird: each time reverting to a blank value (placeholder) and sometimes passing the chosen value to page elements, and other times not.

I’ve added a test user:

user: test@test.com
pwd: 123456789

And I’ve added 2 passports to this user, so you can try switching.

Does the Parent Group Passport belong to the Current User by default? You can link Passports to the Creator of the Password or by adding an additional Field name in your User database called Passport and Field Type Passport.

That way you can link Passports. Right now you’re just fetching parent group’s passport. That’s not what you want here.

My advice would be to go back to the initial lessons from Bubble. This is covered in the documentation videos.

A current user may have multiple passports.

Hence the passport is linked to a user. Then the parent group is fetching passports that belong to the logged in user.

The data has the proper relations. I had a different page where I passed the data to a new page in the URL. So I’m confident the table relationships are working.

Now I’m working on a single page where the drop down will update the parent’s passport. The problem is with the drop down that takes 2 consecutive inputs to accept a value.

PS: just added a test user.

user: test@test.com
pwd: 123456789

And I’ve added 2 passports to this user, so you can try switching (if you feel like trying)

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I will check in a bit and let you know. Can you enable edit mode? You might want to clone your app and create a backup.

Why is the data source of Group Passport Collapsing Mother not Dropdown Select a passport’s value. That way you could pull in the passport information. If I can edit it, it should be an easy fix.

I’m changing the data value at the top-most level, since all children elements int he page will be related to that passport (such as the other groups below, like visa and residence reporting etc.).

Also the on page load event will load the the first passport of this user once at the top level. Otherwise i would have to do a search for a passport for each sub-element, which seems cumbersome.

How do you think that delegating the data source to multiple children elements will solve the drop-down bug though?

Okay I found the solution: the data source for the top-most parent was drop-down’s value, so it created a circular relationship.

Instead I:

  • removed the source altogether from the topmost parent.
  • let the drop down get its default value from its parent.
  • set a workflow to change the topmost parent’s value to be the drop down’s value when its value changes
  • set a workflow to initiate the topmost parent’s value on page load.

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