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Drop Down won't update with new data

As seen in the image below I have 2 sets of drop down menus with the second one’s values relying on the first ones. The second drop down has no values to choose; it just has the placeholder. I’ve checked the database and the problem is not a lack of data in the skills array. Please let me know if you have any ideas.



The 2nd dropdown is working correctly. It uses the first dropdown’ value which is empty until manually assigned a value by a user.

An alternative setup could be:

  • hidden popup that you never open
  • place two repeating groups
  • the rg1 with source being whatever list you need
  • rg2 with source being a search for value of rg1’s first item
  • dropdown1 one source is rg1 and dropdown2 source is rg2
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I figured it out, I had a privacy rule restricting the user from seeing the times so nothing was being populated. Thanks for the response!

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