Drop Pin on Maps to complete address field

You can’t do that “drop the pin here” action. Which would be nice, but not possible for now.

It is pretty horrible, but what you can do is drop a pin and then move that pin around … It relies on being able to input a lat/long into an address input field.

So, I set up a group, of type address. And then two groups within that of type number, that extracted the parents group lat and long. I then have a button with an action that changes the number and sends the value (+/- 0.01) back to the group.

I then have ANOTHER input of type address, that concatenates the Lat and Long inputs, separated by a comma, and I use this to “Display Marker” on the map.

It sort of works. Sorry, that is about as close as I can get to being able to manually place a marker on a map :frowning:

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