Dropdown Box - Unique Results - Not Working

I have 2 groups on my page. (Img 1)

The Left Hand Group is the main group.

You can see on the Left Hand Group that it has a cell ‘Current Cell’s Tag’s Tag’.

When you click on this cell a workflow is started. (Img 2)

The Workflow is in 2 parts.

The first part sends all the data to the Right Hand Group that contain the selected tag.

No problems with that it works just fine.

The problem that I have is that I’m trying to build a list of tags in the top portion of the Right Hand Group so that the user can see all the tags associated with the tag that was clicked on from the Left Hand Side.

On Img 3 which shows the result of a tag click. I clicked on Kim Wetherby and the Right Hand Side now shows that 2 results have the tag Kim Wetherby.

Above these 2 results you can see 3 boxes. 2 are a Dropdown and 1 is a Search. There will only be 1 of these boxes in the final phase I’m using 3 to try and solve the problem.

When I click on the box what I should see is a dropdown that contains ALL the unique tags for the images. So, 8 tags show (4 for each image) but some of the tags are duplicates. What either the Search or Dropdown should show 6 tags that are unique and I can’t get the workflow to do this.

The workflow is controlled by custom states.

Img 4 grabs the title name (MagTitle)

Img 5 grabs all the tags in a custom state which is set as a list.

I’ve tried Filters, Each Items X, Custom State set to Text, Issue and I just can’t get the thing to work.

Could someone guide me through this please.



Tag’s Tag? all tags associated with the tag!? For your sake, and anyone reading this post, please update names of these different elements. You may find that by doing so you are able to easily solve your problem as well.

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I’m not with you. What should the rename be?

Sorry for confusing you.

I don’t know but it seems 2 things are named tag. Please share screenshots of relevant data sets / options

If you get a chance could you direct me to a forum page that shows how I load a link to the app so people can access it in read only mode. I’ve seen lots of people do this on the forum but I don’t know how to do that.
PS: Sorry I’m about 2 years in Bubble and still a Newbie :cry:

Hopefully this will allow you to see the problem.

Set up your dropdown’s data source like this:

Do a search for tags where issue is in RG Issue-Right’s list of issues:unique elements

Thanks, I’m trying that now.

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Hi @alex.esposito.1108 thanks for your help with this. I’ve changed the boxes but now get this. I’ve tried 2 different ways.

Hold on @alex.esposito.1108 I think I’ve seen my mistake.

You’re using the wrong operator. It should be “is in” not “=”

Hi Alex, I’m nearly there. Thanks for that.

What I have now is the screenshots below but you an see in alex2 that I can see the duplicate tags.

I just realized that based on how you have your data structure set up, you’ll need a different solution. Technically you are seeing a list of unique tags. The problem is that you have multiple tag records with the same tag field value. You’ll need to convert this list of tags to a list of tag’s tag texts and display that list of text in the dropdown. You should be able to search for tags: each item’s tags: unique elements

Really, I would change the data structure. Tags (ie soft, Jordan, Seka, etc) should be their own datatype or an option set. I would then have a list field on the issue datatype that is a list of tags (assuming you wont have an issue with hundreds of tags).

Thanks Alex, I will have to change the datatype as there would be to many tags for an option set. I appreciate your time as I now know why the problem exists. Thanks Al.

Ahem… hence the necessity to have unique and descriptive naming conventions. :wink:

Sorry, I will rename them and make it easier. :sob:

Hi @alex.esposito.1108 Happy New Year :grinning: I followed your advice and rebuilt the database table so that the Tags are now in a list. (Pic Ax1)

Now if I click on a tag for example Vida Garman. (Pic Ax2)

I can now get the result to show in the result column, which shows only the result for Vida Garman in the Right Hand Group. GRP-Result. (Pic Ax3)

I have done this by using this Workflow. (Pic Ax4)

My problem is, that in this workflow I want to filter the result by the Title Cell. (Pic Ax5)

But no matter how I try to capture the Title Cell to use as a Filter I can’t do it.

The Workflow I am looking for should say:

Take the contents of the Tag Result and display them in a Repeating Group, but Filter the result to only show the Tag Result that Is Equal To the Title Cell.

Hope all that makes sense and hope you can solve my problem.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I solved this problem by placing the tags into a normal group. This allowed me to hold the tag and the title with custom states. Thanks Al.

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