Dropdown choice generates a result

Total Newbie here. I’d like to have a dropdown choice generate a result that is displayed on the screen (maybe a pop-up). I have the dropdown working, but there are no options in the conditions tab that give me an option to make a pop-up (or generate any kind of result on my app screen). I have created option sets, but again, I don’t see an choice under conditions, that will let me generate a result on the screen.

Example of what I’d like to have is: pick blue in the one dropdown and yellow in the other and get a result on the screen that says green. Long term I will have a bunch of data so may need to use a database, but at this point, I just need to know to have a dropdown choice make a result that’s displayed on the app screen (pop up or other). Appreciate any help!

Hi there, @htgsmtb… there are a number of ways to do what you described, but I think the general concept to understand is that you won’t add conditions to the dropdown to get a result on the screen. To illustrate, if I want to display a green square on the screen when one dropdown has a value of blue and another dropdown has a value of yellow, I could make the green square not visible on page load and add the following condition to the shape element.


I’m guessing you could also make use of custom states depending on exactly what you are trying to do or you might use the An input’s value is changed workflow event. Again, though, there are a number of ways you could go, and I hope this reply helps you head down a good path.


Thanks Mike, i got it to work and now i understand the concept too. Except that the element that shows up, only stays visible while I’m clicked on the button i use to generate it. I’d like it to stay on screen for a time period or unless someone clicks somewhere else on the screen.

If the element is only visible while you are clicking the button, then you must be using the is pressed operator in a conditional, and that’s not what you want because that operator means that the button is literally being clicked and held. Can you share some screenshots so it’s clear what you are actually trying to do? My guess is you might need to set a custom state when the button is clicked, but it’s hard to say because I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Got it. Thanks so much for your help. Long term I will have more than 100 combinations between the two drop downs that will generate different results on the screen. I’m wondering if a database wouldn’t be better than creating an element for every possible result. But at this point, that’s way beyond capability. Thanks for your help, now that i have one combination of drop downs generating a result on teh screen, i can actually start building the app.

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