Dropdown condition: don't show opposite value in list

Hi !

I’m exploring bubble as a beginer and I have a question related to Dropdown menus.

I have two related Dropdown menus. Each values of Menu1 has it’s opposite value in Menu2.
I don’t want people to be able to see selected Menu1 opposite value in Menu2 list of values. Or selected Menu2 opposite value in Menu1 list of values.

I created Menu1 Data type and Menu2 Data type and created a field for opposite in both Type. Specifying which Opposite correspond to which Value.

Sorry for french terms

In this example, in Drop down 1:
If user chose “Sagesse”, I don’t want it to see “Arrogance” in Dropdown 2

I managed to do something but it doesnt do exactly that. And it work only one way.

As you can see, “Bienveillance” is selected and “Égoïsme” isn’t visible in Dropdown 2. I want something like that but working both ways. Depending on which Dropdown the user use first.

This is how I did it:

I hope I was understadable in my question !
Thank you !

I think you can use dynamic value for your two dropdowns.

1. Step 1: Create an new Option set with 3 attributes:

  • Display
  • Value
  • Opposite value

  1. Step 2: Set your dropdown A and dropdown B with dynamic Data source

For A:

For B:

Then it will work


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Definetly working.

Thank you for letting me know of the Options !

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