Dropdown Default Not Loading

I have a static dropdown with two possible values (INHOUSE, ONSITE) that I want to default in the value from the passed in record from a repeating group. All the other dropdown fields default in properly, but the other dropdowns are dynamic, not static.

I have a condition (see below) that is the state passed in is “Update”, then turn the field blue and fill it with the value from the repeating group record. While it turns it blue, it does not load the default value. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I verify the field coming in has the expected value and the state is “Update”, by loading the value being passed in from the repeating group into the tooltip for that field, but the drop down is blank (and hence, shows the placeholder. Any ideas? Been stuck on this for days.


Try adding an action before you set the element’s custom state that resets data. In this case, make sure to reset the group in which the dropdown element sits in.

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