Dropdown default value alphabetically

I need help to show the default value in alphabetical order within the dropdown. Also I would like to have the default value to be the Alphabetical orderly auto selected ideally starting with “A”.
Any help will be highly appreciated.


Hi there, @blueoceans2002… if I understand your post correctly, you should be able to click on Search for Customers in your Choices source and select to sort by Business name (not in descending order, of course). Have you tried that? Oh, and you could also apply the same sort to the search in the Default value field.

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc ,
Actually what I am trying to achieve is to show the search results based on the filtered customers. The key benefits are

  1. Performance - I dont have to load the invoices for all the customers.
  2. Usability - The user knows that list of invoices belong to a customer and the search is driven by the selected customer.

Now coming to my question if I have 10 customers to select from the dropdown, by default I would like to display the customer starting with Alphabet A. This has nothing to do with search box besides. The dropdown should just sort alphabetically starting from A and default selected to be A.

Hmm, I guess I’m not getting it because what I wrote in my initial response should do exactly that.

I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re asking - a default value is a single value… so how can a single value be in alphabetical order (or any order for that matter)…

But I think you just want to set the first item from the returned search results (in alphabetical order) as the default value, right?

In which case, what @mikeloc says is absolutely correct… just make sure you have the relevant field selected as the ‘sort by’ field in your search for Customers (obviously, that field needs to be of type ‘text’ in order to sort alphabetically).

If that’s not what you mean, then you’ll nee to make it clearer what you’re asking…

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Hi @mikeloc That worked perfectly, you have always been my saviour. Thank you so much

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