Dropdown default value red border when submitted

I have a dropdown which uses static values with ‘This input should not be empty’ checked. When my page loads the first item in the dropdown list is selected… Great.

The form submits succesfully, however if the dropdown is left on the default value the UI puts a red border around my dropdown as if it didn’t submit properly:

Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 15.58.56

Is there any way to avoid this?

You don’t need to check “This input should not be empty” if you ask the system to put a default value (the first item).
The other way : If you want to the user to make something with your dropdow, put a neutral value or nothing by default: the user will fill it and the system will think it is not empty.

Just tried unchecked that box, I still get the same behaviour.

My dropdown is in a repeating group and gets it’s default value from the DB, when it a new item in that repeating group is created the default value is ‘Monthly’.

Then, it is not what I have ever had on my works.

I can try to find it with you, until someone have an idea and give us the answer.
I suppose you have checked the conditional appearance and it is not that (it has been months I used a dropdown and I don’t remember if there is a conditional appearance by default).

Do you have others dropdown on your app ?
If no, can you try to put one inside your repeating group and one outside, please ?
Are these ones working nice ?

Thanks for the help here @ecomerss. I have resolved the issue with the help of your comment.

I’m using the musicians plugin to run workflows for each repeating group separately. The setup of the dropdown value wasn’t communicating with the DB correctly and therefore was displaying an error.

I resolve I just had to change where value was being saved so that it was saving to the correct table. :slight_smile:

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Nice to read you have found a solution. :slight_smile:

I am happy if my comment had helped you.
On my way, I have learned something about the use of the DP : it becomes red if the data is not save in the correct place !

Have a nice work on your app !

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