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Dropdown default values and data types


I have read all of the posts (I think !)from people experiencing the same issue as me; that is dropdown box not allowing default values to be pre-populated with the repeating group current cell value:

In the dropdown update box, I have a Categorys value which I would like to set to the parent groups current cell value (i.e. the value entered when the record was created by the user). I know I am trying to select a Category value, but the update form data type is actually set to risk:

I want to be able to edit all of the record in the one form to allow the record to be edited with the default values each time it is opened, one of the real problems here, is that the initial entry for category is actually deleted out if you update the record and don’t notice the dropdown has defaulted to be blank!

The form looks like this on the front end; where the risk based and static entries can have the default values:

The obvious question I have is how to default value all of the data fields in this update form please !!

Thank you


You can always set the default value for the Thing type under the Data tab.

Other than that you may have a type mismatch or something going on.

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Hey Paul, is the field “Category” under the Risk data type a text field or a Category (custom type) field? Check in your data tab under the Risk type. It should be category and it seems like it might be text if it’s giving you a compatibility error and you’re saying the value comes from a user input.

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Once again Romanmg you were bang on the money. Thank you - all fixed.


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