Dropdown dynamic and static choices


How can I have dynamic choices + 1 static choice. I imagined putting “: plus item”, but it is not valid.

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Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @hacker, using “plus item” should work ideally, can you share the error you are getting.

I’m sharing an example of how I’m doing it.

“Create New Tag” is a static choice

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Hi, I am getting this error

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And does not let me press Enter for the “All” text to add to the options

HI @hacker, I think you are selecting an entire table called “Places”, instead, can you pick one particular column from this table.


You should ideally select Search for Places’s Name:Unique elements:Plus item All

Thanks, I will try

Thanks, but I have already tried this, but I get this error

(I want to select dropdown filter 3)

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