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Dropdown filter how to show all options, once filtered

Hi, so i have a dropdown filter when it first loads it shows all options due to show empty contraints so far so good. When i chose one option it does filter and it shows only te results for that choice that’s great!. THE PROBLEM is once it has filtered the RPG will only show results for a single option at the time, How can i get it back to show all results say like a show all option. ! your replies are most appreciated !, MY FIX is reload the page but is not great UX

Hi there, @oswcode… if I understand your post correctly, the way to show all of the results again is to select the blank option at the top of the dropdown list. True, that is not the most intuitive user experience, and if you want something like a “show all” option, you can search the forum for ways to do that.

Hope this helps.


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YES :sweat_smile: sorry i didn’t noticed that blank option, thank you that works for me

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