Dropdown filter?

In my app, I want users to be able to select a single choice from multiple choices from the drop-down menu and store or save it in the database. And then, when another visitor comes to the home page, they should have the ability to filter by their choices from a drop-down menu .

What i’m doing is in my job board, employers will select their job salary from like 10k$, 20k$, 50k$…etc from given options while filling form. and when job seeker comes, he should be able to filter by salary from a drop down menu.

How do I do this?

You’ve already described what you need to do… so which part are you having difficulty with?

both parts: saving dropdown salary choices into the database as well as showing filtered jobs by salary from dropdown choices.

Have you done the basic Bubble tutorials? I’d start by doing those first to learn the basics of using Bubble if I were you. Then you’ll understand how to do simple things like this.

But basically - to save the dropdown choice to the database, just run a workflow to save the value to the relevant field of the relevant thing.

And to filter your Jobs by a selected value from a dropdown, just include that value in one of your search constraints.

I’m sorry if the question offended anyone. I’m very new to Bubble and taking air dev free boot camp along the way and not that very familiar with interface

I’m not sure why you think you’ve offended anyone?..

I’m very new to Bubble and taking air dev free boot camp along the way

very good…

and not that very familiar with interface

Well the more you use it the more familiar with it you’ll get - so keep at it.

finally, I somehow managed to do using the option set. Tks!

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