Dropdown in debug mode not populating all elements

Has anyone come across this behaviour before?
In my repeating group, I have an element called “Group Weekday number” in each cell. In the screenshot below, you can see that that isn’t populating in the dropdown as there are only three results which aren’t what I’m looking for.

If I instead click on the element that I’m looking for, it populates in the dropdown:

So clearly the element is there, but the search functionality isn’t working properly.

I came across this issue as I was trying to debug why the first row of numbers are missing in my pseudo calendar and I’m unable to given that I can’t search for these elements.

Any help is much appreciated.

Bubble has confirmed this is a bug but said they can’t give me any expected fix date

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That is a step in the right direction for Bubble as they didn’t state it was expected or intended behavior and ask you to post an idea to the idea board.


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