Dropdown isn't aligning

I noticed dropdown values can not be aligned anymore. A bug report is filed.

I think I filed a bug report on this recently as well…I did find a workaround that used css or something…somebody replied to my bug post…


was actually an HTML style

Just put that on the page or in the group that contains the drop downs you want to be aligned and they should work…

BUT yes, this IS a bug and should be fixed so we don’t need to use HTML

Thanks for the fix, for now I just removed the dropdown for the MVP :wink: I think using text-align last isn’t the right solution but I understand using CSS can solve it.

Just got a reply.

We hope this email finds you well. Our engineering team has gotten back to us with some insight. There is currently no out-of-the-box way to set the alignment of dropdowns in Bubble due to how Bubble is currently set up, unfortunately. There are users who have come up with some complex workarounds for the issue, whom you should be able to get help from on the forum. We’re sorry for this shortfall at this time, and we hope that it does not have a serious impact in your application.

I hope you replied to them indicating that if that is the case to avoid the issue going forward that they should remove the options from the editor.

If it can be aligned with CSS, a fix should be easy. I don’t have the time to micro manage other people’s work so I trust in them to take care of this as they’ve done in the past.

I usually just hope that the more they hear about things, the more they may make it a priority to fix…this issue has been raised a few times, I believe you are the only one who got feedback, and I don’t think that making suggestions would be considered micro-managing other peoples work.

I think when being one of the first movers on a platform it is essential that we provide feedback as often as possible to help the platform improve.

But yes, as I mentioned before there is a workaround using either HTML or CSS as you pointed out.

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