Dropdown - Item list and selection

I have a database with the 12 months of the year saved, and the user, when registering, saved the birthday month in numerical format.

I would like to know how to present a Dropdown with the 12 months, but with the user’s month saved already selected.

List of months in the bank:

Saved item that should be selected from the dropdown menu:

I quite didn’t understand your Question disanto. Could you explain a bit?

Do you want to add a drop down - and let users select the month?

In the dropdown where it says “Default Value” do a search for Month and under constraint “add a new constraint” set month=current user’s month

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I was trying to create a Dropdown that would list the months numerically (1 - 12) but the value saved with the user would be the default value selected.

I did several tests and it seems I managed to solve it.

I think the problem was in the way the data was saved.

I was trying to list the saved data as “Number” and then select the item by “User”, it was giving incompatibility.

I need to go further into the database.

Exactly @jps1006 !
I ended up finding this solution, thanks a lot for sharing.
I believe the problem was data mismatch, after tweaking this worked perfectly, just like in your example.

Thank you very much!

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